the blue flame of glory

March 2001 :: Calcutta, India

I was talking to Jesus on my way to bed. All of the sudden I was with Him in a huge room with myriads of angels, more than I could count. His Presence came and enfolded me in a cloud of iridescent gold mist that sparkled and swirled, dancing around me until that was all I could see. Jesus walked up to me in this cloud carrying a container. It was simple and regal all at the same time. He showed it to me, told me to look inside and asked me what I saw.

I opened it delicately and saw a liquid blue white flame, not unlike electricity. It was stunning in its purity and consuming in its intensity. Jesus began to explain to me what I was seeing.

“Beloved, this is the anointing I am pouring out today. It is a prophetic anointing that will take you beyond anything you have ever even imagined. It will be poured out on those who are willing to pay the price of no longer being their own. No longer will those who accept this outpouring be masters of their own free time or schedule and much of what was everyday activity will be exchanged for sitting in My Presence and listening to My heart.

The flame is blue-white, the hottest part of My fire. Blue speaks of heavenly revelation and authority. What you are seeing is the blue flame of My glory. It is now being poured out. It is now being released. Not in small measure, not in trickles on one or two but in torrents on all those who will say “Yes” to Me in this hour.

Those who receive it will look foolish at times because you cannot contain or control what I am about to do in the earth. The people who carry this flame will not be able to tone it down or turn it off. My glory will pour through them like electricity through a live wire. If you try to hold it down you will get burned.  This is not a tame flame or a controllable fire.

Be warned, like Uzzah, who with good intentions touched the blue flame of My glory and wound up dead for his efforts. No man will touch My glory. The people I trust to carry My blue flame will be broken, beaten outpoured worshipers whom I have tested and tried in the furnace of affliction and found them to be faithful in the small things. They will be those whom I can trust not to touch that which I give them to carry.

I am raising up a prophetic people in the earth today and the revelation I give them will set them before nations and governments to speak with authority My Word into the situations at hand. They will be as John the Baptists crying out in the waste places of the world, a generation of forerunners who are preparing My people for My return.

They will make straight in the wilderness a highway, for My glory is about to be revealed. They will decrease so I can increase. They will look strange and foolish to those who do not understand, but their very lives will be prophetic declarations of My heart. They will wander from place to place and experience rejection from established structures in many places, for they will be a voice calling to My Beloved to turn away from all that would hinder Her from knowing Me.

These ones will be held close to My heart for they are My friends who wait and listen for Me and are full of joy at My voice. Are you will to pay the price and lay down any rights you have reserved to yourself in order to be abandoned to Me? This is the time that the blue flame of My glory, filled with revelation and insight into My heart and plans is being set in the hearts of My people who have said, “YES.”