in times of love and typhoid

So it has been quite the last 10 days.

I am still working on finishing the ever present book.  And in the middle of it all, we have a typhoid outbreak on compound.  This deserves a post.

Translation:  40 very sick children, 10 in the hospital, thrice daily runs to the hospital with more sick children and to bring meals for those admitted, hundreds of dollars, the threat of impending chaos on compound as many run on less than four hours sleep a night.

But we have also had the most amazing team of visitors who have fearlessly stepped up to the plate and done whatEVER needed doing, incredible times of worship, a ten-story high angel assigned standing right in the middle of compound, our kids astounding us all with their servant hearts, the find of a new 24/7 medical center here that knows what they are doing and who were fantastically caring (bedside manner in Africa is in the category of miraculous) and an outpouring of love and prayer from around the world.

In the middle of it all, there has been SUCH grace.

And we missionaries here are pretty smart cookies.  We know an attack of the enemy when we see it, not that I want to give him any attention, mind you.  But these things are real.  However, we do not fight by ranting and railing at the powers of darkness.  Simply put: what you focus on, you empower.

We fight by fixing our gaze on Jesus, radically worshiping Him, spending time in heaven and then bringing heaven’s legal decrees back with us right on top of the head of the enemy (what ever is bound in heaven, right?  I am writing that chapter now.  How timely…), loving till it hurts, doing the practical stuff that needs doing to stop the spread and bring the healing and having done all, we stand.

So in these times of love and typhoid, when this unpaved road has grown precariously cavernous, dearest friends, this mama would so appreciate your prayers for her whole beautiful family.  And yes if you’d pray for me too, I’d be ever so grateful.

Much love from a washed-away, barely-there unpaved road in the middle of rainy season in Sudan,