his whispers

It has been quite the few weeks around these parts.  The unpaved road has been exceptionally bumpy of late.  But we are ever grateful for your prayers.  I am especially grateful.  I have not made it here as much as I had hoped.  My apologies.  Sometimes the bumps jostle my words right out of me.

I am almost finished with book number two, An Invitation to a Supernatural Life.  I am pretty excited about that. Once it is finished in the next few days, I will be back here much more frequently.

My dear friends Chris and Jenn Hadsell (and the newest members of our Iris Sudan team!) just spent almost two weeks with us.  We can’t wait for them to come home to Sudan longer next year.  They fit in so well we think they might have been secretly transplanted from these parts.

One day the whispers of God came and took us on a precious adventure in our local market.  They write about it here.  In the absence of my words, please enjoy theirs.

You are loved,