So my friends we are officially on a roll.  How exciting is this!  Thank you to all who have signed up to follow the journey and be a part of what God is doing.  There are many fun times ahead together of learning together about engaging heaven to transform earth.  But for now, welcome.

Just a little administrative note to clarify about my now *two* writing homes online.  (in case you were wondering, I know I sometimes do, hehe…)

  • is where I share from my life as it bounces along this path into God’s heart.  It is my main writing/creative space.   You will find me there most days, if not all, sharing reflections from the journey.
  • is a place for practical equipping on living out this supernatural life we are invited into.  I will write here regularly too, but more in the format of structured articles and prophetic insights.  And it won’t be just me.  I hope and pray to pull in posts from friends who are on a similar journey so we can all grow together.

Some of my family over @ might not be all that interested in my latest didactic ramblings, they just want to share life together.  I know this.  I cherish their friendship.  And some of you here may not be incredibly fascinated with photos of cassava or hearing about my ponderings, wanderings and lessons learned as I journey, you just want the supernatural teaching stuff.  I totally get that too.  {But in case you are a lover of cassava photos and stories from Africa and beyond: I’d sure love to share life together over there too! You can sign up to receive those posts as well if you click on over.}

Soooooo with great intentionality, this new writing home has been born.  {I am sticking to two.  I promise.}  Enoch Co is even a bit more than a blog.  It is on its way toward becoming a whole online community for those who are hungry to live out a journey in God’s Kingdom deeper than what their physical eyes see.  ALL who hunger are welcome here.

{We are even looking at things like real time twitter conversations, virtual seminars and other ways to share resources and relationship together.  Now how fun will that be?  More to come on all that as it develops! I will be getting with tech-savvy friends later this fall to learn about this options for building online connectivity.  If you know about that stuff please connect with us and help us learn.}