when love burns

Love IS a strong message.  It is a strong choice.  It cost Him everything so I could walk this dusty patch of earth bearing His name, carrying His presence.

I have been thinking today a lot about how love often seems to be relegated to the “nice” category.  Loving becomes synonymous with being nice, tame, unoffensive.  But in reality, the only thing love and nice share many days are the number of letters in their words, in English at least.

Love is kind, true.  But the word kind there means simply that it furnishes what is needed in every situation.  Note needed, not wanted.  Love is messy, gritty, tenacious, painful, exhilarating, wonderful, entirely supernatural and comes at a cost.

There are some strong voices with stronger messages being released to speak in this hour.  Messages of living set apart, refined by His flame.  Messages of walking upside down and choosing the low paths hidden away from the empires of men.  Messages of the burning ones in the courts of heaven and a call to purity so deep we become the see-through carriers of heaven on earth.  Messages of God’s strong love that makes us clean, makes us pure, makes us His.

{LOVE} is a strong message.  Love talked about as weak, an exercise in social correctness it is not the love born from Who He is but something altogether other.

I want to carry the fiery message of His heart: A love that burns so deep, so pure, so bright even death cannot hold it back.  Even if it costs, even if it hurts, even if it means being misunderstood by earth as I more fully embrace heaven.

What does this love that burns look like to you, friend?


Friends on the journey:  I have started another online writing home this week.  Here at fromtheunpavedroad.com I share my life as it bounces along this path into God’s heart.  My second home enochco.com is more of a place for teaching and equipping on living out this supernatural life we are invited into.  Some of you here might not be at all interested in my latest didactic ramblings, you just want to share life together.  I know this.  I cherish your friendship.  And some of my friends over there are not that fascinated with photos of cassava or hearing about my ponderings and wanderings over here.

Soooooo a new writing home has been born.   Enoch Co is a bit more than a blog.  It is on its way toward becoming a whole equipping portal for those who are hungry to live out a journey deeper than what their physical eyes see.  If that is you, hop on over there and sign up for whenever I do post an article or two or upload some new teachings.

{We are even looking at things like real time twitter conversations, virtual seminars and other ways to share resources and relationship.  Now how fun will that be?  More to come on all that as it develops!  All who hunger are welcome.}