when down is up

We bounce over washed away rainy season paths today here in Sudan taking one of our little guys who is not thriving like we’d like to get some lab work done.

He clings to me like his life depends on my embrace.  I ask him if he knows how much his momma (me) loves him.  He looks right up in my eyes and very definitively says yes.

We live in an upside down kingdom where promotion might just mean going to the hidden places, to the unseen peoples, to walk on the unknown paths that lead lower still into God’s burning heart of love.

Many things are being turned upside down in this day… maybe so we remember down is actually up.  We go lower and cling closer to soar higher and fly farther.

My sweet four year old, his arms locked around my neck even as sweat pours off him, shows me this.  Wouldn’t he be more comfortable sitting up where air could circulate between us?  He just grips me tighter as we sit in the clinic waiting.  Even when it is hot, even when it hurts: just hold on.  I pull him close and we baptize each other with rivers dripping and melding in the heat.  Close is more important than comfortable.

He nestles deep in my arms, my little reminder of this up-is-down and down-is-up Kingdom where loving the one and finding the broken is what it is all about as I wrap my arms around Papa like my life depends on His embrace.  Because it does.

Sweet friends, I just posted an article on the upside down way to influence culture over at Enoch Co. yesterday.  Maybe take a peek over there if this interests you.