planted dreams

The fulfillment of 12 years of waiting bursting forth this weekend, right here in my own backyard.  Words really don’t do the thought justice.

When I graduated university in 1999 Papa God gave me a vision of training leaders to carry His heart.  Young, unseasoned and naive I leapt into making what I saw happen.  {I am naturally a make it happen kind of gal.}  I was a little too enamored with having a ministry back then.  And it was all, every word, session and plan, taken from me.  Another named it as their own and I was left with a puddle of tears and memories of the tile square where I died.  When a dream dies, part of you dies with it.

A few years passed and so did continents.  One day I decided to revive the dream and tried my best to shake vitality into its lifeless state.  I dressed it all up and prepared to offer it before its time.  {Any message God wants to release through us in power, He first works in us. I had yet to learn that… really.}  But this time no one ripped it from my grasp.  Holy Spirit whispered truth, “Beloved, you won’t really want of a record of what you sound like now when I release you later. I want you to take all your notes and bury them.”  So on Good Friday 2004, I borrowed a patch of earth from a friend’s backyard and buried over 1000 pages of my deceased dream deep in the thawing Colorado ground.

When the time was finished, I was not sure whether what just happened had been a burial service or a gardening session.  Maybe, just maybe, this dream, all decayed and decrepit as it was, was actually only a seed.  Maybe it had to be planted in an unseen place, in the darkness of obscurity to ever become what it truly was meant to be.  Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies…

Now seven years later.   The seed planted in America has sprung up seemingly overnight in resurrection power all the way across the planet in Africa. Effortlessly.  God was right.  I am grateful there is not a record of those days.  His understanding still had not yet rooted strong in my heart’s soil.  There is a vast difference between good information and real revelation.  The tree that has grown up looks nothing like the seed once planted so far away,  even though it carries its essence.  And only a mature tree bears fruit and fruit that remains. Jesus, I want the fruit that remains.

I am thrilled to say our first ever DIG INtensive anywhere is happening right here in Yei, Sudan.  I will be teaching and ministering along with our team for two days to around 50 regional pastors affiliated with our Revival Network here on Restoring Desire.

Please pray for us.  We cherish your prayers.  As Papa leads and guides and time allows, I will be posting snippets of some of what I am teaching in blog form.  Eventually, bit by bit, I hope to record some of these equipping topics (in an English speaking setting) as mp3s and offer them with simple downloadable companion guides as DIG IN Kits.  That is what is in my heart at least to do, we shall see how it all unfolds!

Thank you so much for praying for us this weekend.