A few weeks ago I decide to plant a garden.  City girl that I am, I had never planted anything before now.  Yes I know it is hard to believe but I missed that part of early childhood education somehow.

Planting from seeds is a slow process indeed.  I brought in 20 or more variety of seeds from my last trip out and with the help of our grounds keepers we dug the earth together: them with their big hoes and me with a small hand spade that made them laugh.

Isn’t that what love and family is all about, digging earth {together}?

My little garden has begun to sprout and grow and I think we might actually have cress and radishes and zucchini and spices and a few other bits that dare to put roots down in this war torn patch of earth.  I never knew growing something would be such a joy…

But these are not the only seeds growing here: there are many others…. seeds of dreams long waited for, seeds of new things springing up, seeds of hope and grace.

Thank you for your prayers these last few weeks.  We are so appreciative of them and you.   The children for the most part are all healthy and happy now.  {SIGH of relief from all of us here.}  We look forward to all Papa is going to do in these next months!  And here you are a world away watering the seeds so lovingly with with your prayers.  We are so humbled by that.

With hugs of gratitude from us all on this unpaved road in South Sudan,