i dream

I dream of a time when the sun sets on a world:

where no child sleeps in a graveyard,

where no woman is sold for less than the price of juice {or at all},

where no little girl is pressured to make money by selling her dignity,

where every child is treasured,

where orphan is an illegal term,

where adoption becomes a culture,

where the supernatural is normal,

where walking on water is common place,

where darkness flees at the sound of our footfalls,

where light pushes back the night

and the Son rises with healing in His wings

to set captives free.

I dream.


Here are a few more things I am dreaming of tonight…

:: Haya- Designs for Life ::

A mid range fashion brand for womenʼs accessories with a social justice edge and a niche boutique market…  Our products will be made by the women we have rescued from trafficking and prostitution or by women we are working with who are at risk of being forced into prostitution by their circumstances.

:: Iris Sudan- Restoration House ::

We are actively seeking the right land to begin building a simple compound of housing and a training area for 8-12 women to come from their former lives as victims of trafficking and exploitation and start a year long restoration journey with us.  We are dreaming big and trusting our Papa for His provision.  His heart burns with us for these precious daughters He loves so much.

:: Nema International, Inc. ::

My new non-profit established to help support the work I am involved in in the nations, committed to encountering the raw, real grace that transforms, expressing the reality of grace that frees and practically engaging global situations of need.  Here’s to a grace movement that releases people into their destinies!

  :: The Enoch Company ::

My other writing home… I launched The Enoch Co. (affectionately known as E-Co) in 2011 to be a place where we can explore wildness of God {TOGETHER}.  Shared journeys are such a gift in an often solitary world.  It is my heart’s desire to connect those hungry for the realms of God with each other and to equip a company of people who live from heaven to earth.

It’s a grassroots bush fire… A movement of relationship ignited by heaven to transform earth. Starting to offer Deeper in God {DIG} Intensives, 2-3 seminars on encountering and engaging the fullness of the supernatural life in Jesus we were created for!

So what about you sweet friends, what do you dream of?  History is birthed in place of dreaming with God and engaging His desires in the earth.