when we run

We bounce over the rainy season ruts, the three of us: our base manager, our head mama and I.  I am so grateful for “girl time” and my real down in the dirt family here.  To say I love these ladies would be a major understatement.  They are sisters of another echelon.

We rejoice that our jewel who ran has been recovered this morning.  And I ramble about what I am learning from the Father’s heart through it all with happy tears.  He teaches me more every day on these rutted trails and muddy meanderings.

I don’t think I truly knew His heart until I came here… not the burning hot reality of Who He is.   Not really.  He is not theory to be contained in a book.  And days like these teach the most.  I find His heart searching for the treasures of darkness, royalty hidden on the dusty roadsides of life.  And then when one I love so much runs in fear or pain or anger, a piece of my heart goes with her. I would brave any night to bring her home.

And this is Papa’s heart.  When we run in fear or pain or anger, when we hang heads low in guilt or shame: He is not waiting to scold us.  He is waiting to embrace us, to welcome us back, to wash our wounds, to speak soft and straight right into our pain and our fear.  And when He forgives, He does not hold the record for future reference.  He erases it as if it never happens.  What grace is THIS!  What love!

Thank you for your love and prayers for our sweet jewel.  She is home.  Her bed is no longer empty and our family is whole again.  It was broken without her.  It ached without her, just like Papa’s family aches when we run away from Him.  She is staying for a while at our senior leader’s home where she will receive a little more one-on-one mentoring from his loving family.  I am again grateful beyond words for the ways Papa answers our heart cries and prayers here.  As always, thank YOU for journeying with us and being part of His amazing grace on these roads unpaved.

Much love,