“You are a tear in the fabric of average.” ~ Sarah Markley

With two of my little princesses I am already missing holding on to.  {I leave tomorrow for 2 months on the road speaking. It is a long time to be away.}  We all worship our hearts out as a family tonight dusty earth flying and jerry-can drum core pounding, three little guys piled onto my lap nestling tight.  I savor every moment, every sound, every laugh, every little hug.

Seeing my little ones run headlong abandoned, arms flung wide to land in my embrace: well, LOVE doesn’t even really describe it properly.

If this gives ME such *JOY* what about when I run headlong into HIS embrace? For the JOY set before Him…

Sarah nailed it today over on her blog.  {Read more of what she nailed here…)  YOU and I are created for MORE, chosen for MORE, called for MORE.  We are royalty waiting to be released.  And the world is waiting for our such a time as this.

From an unpaved road in rainy season South Sudan always remember: YOU are LOVED.


photo credit: Anna Burns/Iris Sudan