shattered yesterdays

All unpaved roads are not the ones we travel bouncing along in four wheel drive.  Some of the most unpaved places of our journeys lie deep inside our own hearts.  I have the privilege of walking in these places everyday with ones I love and seeing Jesus pick up the pieces of shattered yesterdays and turn them into mosaic tomorrows. 

Some thoughts on that here as I remember the power of redemption and the story… grateful for His amazing tenderness and relentless grace.  Sometimes we have to be willing to walk among tombs to find resurrection stones waiting to be rolled away.


it is a strange season.
this season that glorifies graves.

shadows lurk and creep
in blackening the edges of her mind
as fractured places cry for release,
for understanding.
brokenness converses, sometimes screams

the past all boxed up nice and neat taken from
the recesses of interior closets covered over, locked—keys
long forgotten
lost intentionally along the way.
top shelf secrets dumped without ceremony
on living room tables…

fragmented innocence glinting in waning evening light.
darkness creeps through the pains,
broken windows leak a night that comes all too soon.

and the Burning Ones stand by, wonder long:
would she dare look?
dare to see the things
that make eyes wince, hearts bleed?
living with eyes squeezed shut after all is not really living, is it?
voluntary blindness embraces a night,
where dawn never comes.

what lies beneath, the buried innocence,
a season of cemetery dreams?
could there still be stones waiting
to be rolled aside?

only those who walk among the graves
and dance over panes
of shattered yesterdays
will know.

-mp 16 oct 2011