strange times

The trees blur on the ride home from the airport.  It is a strange day.  This Oct 31, an eve when nothing celebrated is hallowed at all.  Lost in thought, I am startled back by a woman covered in crimson splatter waving frantically on the road side.  Her bloodied shirt and plastic hockey mask stark reminders of our deterioration.  Does she not know real women wear real blood from real violence tonight?  She waves a sign for a local business I will not be visiting.  Have we been so reduced we now think bloodied masks are acceptable marketing strategies?

It’s an odd day we dress evil up, give darkness a face and call it child’s play.  We sell out innocence for candy corn and social relevance.

The world around falls away but as it reels, He allows Himself to be broken into a Way back through grace.  Do I think God looked at our books of days yet to be lived but already written and CHOSE to maim and steal and bring us face to face with death and loss over and over again?  Not for an instant.  Do I think He looked to our ends, this mystery, this destiny in Him and traced their depths from their beginnings and wrote what He knew would carve our journeys through this falling world needing to fall into grace?  I cannot think otherwise.

This I know.  HE.  IS.  GOOD.  He cannot be or do anything other than what He IS.  And HE.  IS.  LOVE.   I hold the wounded pieced hands of Love and I know… He has not allowed anything in this journey that He has not ALREADY paid the price to heal and restore.  And the torn places become the thin places to see through to Him.


Sweet reader, I wonder… do you know the origins of this strange day called Halloween?  Oct 31-Nov 2 can be traced back far before the church changed their names.  And given the roots, the fruit and the very real violence that surrounds this season… is this a time we should recognize at all?  Just something to consider.

Here are a few articles on the origins of the practices around this day: