it’s the small things

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest impact. I am reminded of this three weeks ago at 5:20 in the morning.

It is the small uneven ledge on the sidewalk that catches the thin lip of my shoe sole and sends me spilling across cement and grass.  It is the small end of my crutch handle that lands on the smallest finger of my right hand and ricocheting pain brings tears to my eyes.  It is not small.

I travel on two planes nursing a swelling hand and little finger.  Hard to do when point a to b necessitates using BOTH hands to get there.  My finger demands to be noticed the whole way turning colors I normally love on canvas.   I begin to realize how completely oblivious I have been to its importance and how such a small part of me could make such a BIG difference.  And it isn’t just true in my body. What about HIS Body?

What would happen if pinkies of the Body of Christ were fractured?  Broken, injured, missing?  Or simply unnoticed and unappreciated in their precision and functionality?

I land and travel the maze of emergency room corridors, just to be told: see a specialist.  One that specializes in the small things like pinkies that can become big issues.  A few states later, I do.

I find out my fractured little finger is sporting three breaks, not one.  I can’t see them even when pointed out to me in painstaking detail.  A miniscule break I couldn’t even SEE in an overlooked place I never noticed that would dislodge sleep and schedule for the next three weeks.  It seems absurd.

I never noticed how I typed, carried, balanced, sorted and did a sundry of other things all with this one small appendage.  Needless to say I am much more grateful for my pinkies, one of which is still splinted a world away now back in Africa. And yes, it is the reason I disappeared.  Again.  Healing is coming and now is the time of regaining motion, aka making your finger do what it screams not to!

Thank you for grace.  I’d love to say I am back.  But this is more of a I’m still alive and on the planet post.  Tomorrow I head into South Sudan where I will have more limited than usual access to internet from now until Jan 3 and more visitors than usual too.  So you might not see too much of me.  I will try to share as I can, but you know my first few days will be spent catching up with my precious kiddos not chasing down an internet connection.

Are there small things perhaps we have overlooked in this busy season and holiday rush that need remembering?  Any “pinky people” in our paths that could use some encouraging and a well-placed thank you or a surprise plate of Christmas cookies? It really is the small things that can make the biggest difference!


Speaking of making differences…

For all my friends from overseas and for those from the USA not needing a tax deduction, my personal paypal link is now functional again on the sidebar to the right and you can give personal support there.  Yippee!

My non-profit organization, Nema International, now ALSO has a giving link (see the bottom left hand corner of the linked page) if you want to give to our work in South Sudan and beyond.  We are working on our charitable, tax-deduct status and hope to have that sometime early next year. Please pray for this too: favor and acceleration!

Tax deductible options (for the USA) are still available over on my giving page and through Iris Ministries.