merry christmas to all…

Love to all of you from this unpaved road on Christmas eve.  It has been a week of gift wrapping for about 15o, cookie baking (a batch of 1000 in a charcoal oven), off-key carol renditions, special meals, missionary photos with Santa (yes there was a larger than life blow-up Santa in one of the compounds we just couldn’t resist!), a drive about looking for lights, celebrations of our children’s December birthdays, a Christmas camp filled with stories reminding our kids of the real Gift given to us on Christmas, a holiday trip to pray for the sick at the hospital where around 30 met the One Who is no longer a baby in a manger and all around a fun week of festivities.  Tonight is our Christmas eve bonfire, marshmallow roast and family drama night.  Tomorrow will be gift giving and worship and eating yummy treats all day long.

We are so grateful to all of you who have made this Christmas possible with your generosity and your love all year long.  We are so very blessed and pray His richest blessings back to you and your family this season and always.

~With love, Michele