dust covered love

The dust blows something wild this time of year.  As it fills my lungs, I cough and sputter on what I am.

These days I am reminded that the little baby born to homeless parents then toddled in foreign lands as a refugee and grew up the son of a common laborer.  He spent his teens and twenties in utter obscurity and emerged on the scene only to collect a handful of misfits and less than ordinary types no one else wanted.  He traveled for three years raising controversy and then being falsely accused was executed as a criminal.  He knew dirt and pain and longing.  He also knew divinity.  And He laid it all down to wrap His divinity in our dust.  I marvel.  Again.  At what dust-covered love looks like.

I am reminded the only platform Jesus embraced was a cross. I long for an unknown path that leads past the platforms of men and finds rest hidden in the embrace of God.  I am grateful for the dusty, stormy seasons that remind me how much I need Him.  Blessed are those who know their need, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.  Jesus, this new year let me be one of those. Again. Not in theory but in truth.

I am typing this post with South Sudan’s dirt ground into my hands from grimy hugs of my little ones.  It is covering my computer screen and the ash from the burn fires settling around me on everything it touches.  Ash covered in need of a manicure.  Ahhhh.  Here am I.    There is only One famous One and I assure you it is not me.  I am face to face with my dust these days.  The dust that gets tired and longs for lattes.  The dust that wants to hide from stages and expectations of men.  The dust that swirls in winds of change and gets stuck in ruts along life’s way.

I am so glad there is grace for dusty days and smoky nights.  He laid down His glory for grime so He could embrace my dust and make it His own.   I pray this new year my wonderful friends is filled days of fame, of Him being made famous in and through our lives as we choose to explore the unknown paths and roads less-traveled in our pursuit of knowing Him.

January I am taking a much needed month off to explore some of those unknown paths myself and embrace a season of hiddenness.  So I may not be around here much unless I get a sudden burst of inspiration.  And after that well, we shall see… our internet in South Sudan has been almost nonexistent of late.  Hopefully we will soon be looking into longer term solutions for our connectivity issues, but it may take a little doing and time to see them materialize.  Nothing comes quickly here.  In all I cherish your prayers.

And as always, thank you for grace.

Much love from this unpaved road-