we’ve never been this way before

I walk the old cobbles and the narrow, winding lanes wandering through the maze of history that is this city in the south of Spain.

Amidst the ruins of bygone eras, on the well worn ancient paths I hear a whisper echo.  A dare to embrace a different journey on a trail leading reverently, boldly, even absurdly into the wild unknown places of grace.  Truly we have not been this way before (not in this generation at least.)

Where are the brave pioneers that will look at the so-called “edge of the world” as an invitation to explore uncharted depths?  Dangerous, fearless love drawing us farther out beyond the safe confines of buildings and programs and systems and circuits.

What if the next 3 years brought a shift so dramatic it could only be described as tectonic in nature?  And what if that shift started in us?  What if this revolution was silent in its fury and Jesus comes once more riding on a borrowed donkey to wash fishermen’s feet and the empires of men cannot comprehend this kind of royalty and miss the One they seek all over again?

Beloved, we have not been this way before.  True success is being redefined and the choices before us are not first decided in ballot boxesWhat if we are looking for a king who rules and shapes world political systems while Jesus is offering us a King who comes to serve and defy any system that would try to contain… or commodify Him?  What if Jesus is coming as a King with an upside-down, inside-out, high-is-low-and-low-is-high reality that cannot come through politics or policy?  What if His platform is still a cross and ours an altar?

A company saturated in the supernatural, living loved and loving without expectation’s tangled strings, drawn again to the untamed spaces where reformers are shaped; a people who could care less for fame or popularity or success or stages or spotlights.  Content with waste places and seeing heaven come to those desperate enough to put their need on display, instead of their accomplishments.  What if the measures are changing and all we thought we knew with them?  Will we be willing to let it all go?  Will I be willing to let go of the known ways to choose a road less traveled and embrace His invitation to explore the edge of the earth?

Faith lies beyond what we can see with our eyes.  So which path will you choose, my sweet friend?  No choice is indeed a choice in days such as these.  May you embrace the wild untamed reaches of His heart moment by moment every day.

You are loved, so very loved.  May His love define your world as never before and lead you far out beyond the edges of its safe, known horizons.

Loving Him and you-Michele