It is 3 am.  The world is wrapped in coolness and quiet, the stars glisten out my window and I pause to capture a moment in words, to freeze time in pixels.

“WHAT on earth are you doing up at this time of night?”  you ask.

Sending an email.  Seriously.  It seems this is the only time the internet barely works these days. But I am so grateful to have it even in the middle of the night.

Since I am now awake anyway, I am taking a little time in the only almost silent hours our compound ever has to enjoy the stillness.   More and more I am reminded of the men and women of old who stole away in the night hours to hide in God.  Each 24 hours comes with it’s own rhythms of grace.

This evening with meetings finished and work as finished as it was going to be, I take time to set up my creative corner here.  Virgin paintbrushes, a variety of pens, a brand new water color set all put in place…what is it about the sheer array of colors that makes me SO ridiculously HAPPY? 

Usually, I rush.  I race to rip open wrappers and free pigments from their captivity.  But not tonight.  Tonight I unwrap them carefully one by one.  Nice and easy.  One corner at a time.  Savor the moment I am in.  Don’t rush through life into the next 60 second cycle but stretch this one out as long as possible.  Tonight I SLOW my pace.  Enjoy the spectrum God made and we gum up in little trays so we too can play at creating something of beauty.  

I indulge in unwrapping the colors one by one, struck through with the absolute extravagance of a Father Who would put not only these 48 colors in the world He created for His children, but thousands of colors.  He loves us so much He colors the world we live in.  Just because He loves us.

Papa let me live alive to You and every shade and hue and color you paint my world with everyday.  Thank You.  I unwrap these pigments one pan at a time and remember YOU. ARE. GOOD.  

My friends, may you take time this week to go slow and soak in His extravagant goodness, to see and enjoy all the ways He comes and colors your world with His love.