that the wells may overflow

I sit with him yesterday and marvel.  He recounts in age-old simplicity story after story of changed lives.  Babies who have lived to see their first birthdays.  Returnees who have started small businesses with the little bit of help we offered.  (Just a kindness really.)  He recounts the gifts of God’s goodness spilled out to overflowing from our little corner of the earth here.  We remember the times things were hard and how God provided.  He gives thanks for adult children getting higher education and all the good things.  I sit washed in the waves of his gratitude poured out as a love offering on the feet of Jesus.

I am humbled.  Deeply humbled.  What God has done in five years…  The miracles never stop from small to large.  I see my older children maturing, setting out into the world to make their mark only to look back and take what little they are starting with and give it extravagantly to help their family (us) who loved and championed their dreams.  I am laid low by goodness and gratitude.

And today.  Today is another milestone in our history.  How many mamas and sisters and aunties and daughters I have sat with in five years and cried over their losses, wept over their abuse, laughed with their joys and dreamed of their futures.  And now today we take one step closer to love a nation back to life one person, one family at a time.

What does real power look like?  The power to feed your family when prices sky-rocket out of reach.  The power to be free from those who would prey on obligation and economic vulnerability. The power to dream and see that dream’s substance become reality.

After sitting with a few of our key leaders over the last few days, the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership League aka the WELL was born. It is a dream of many years coming true before my eyes… and I am humbled by that too.  Who gets to so wildly live out their dreams as this?

We are looking into ways to facilitate preventive measures that stop exploitation before it happens instead of only picking up the pieces after the fact.  Ways to join arms with our precious Sudanese sisters and help their dreams come true.  Ways to fly together toward a future where no woman or child is bought, sold or exploited. Organic, down in the dirt, grass roots ways carved through relationships, through tea and tears and the joy of a shared journey brimming over.

Follow this next phase and get involved by joining us over on our Facebook Page.  We are just getting started and look forward to many WELLs in many places providing mentoring, growth and true empowerment coming from the inside out for women who come from some of the most vulnerable of situations and populaces.

The WELL’s mission is sustainable economic empowerment for at-risk women in the developing world through creative entrepreneurship, innovative micro-enterprise, culturally relevant coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring. To recognize, train and release emerging women leaders in these settings to soar. To address injustice and exploitation through prevention of targeted areas of vulnerability.

Do you have some small business or entrepreneurial experience?  Wondered what you might do to be part of changing a nation with love? Didn’t fit the normal image of missions as you have seen it in the past? Good news there is a place and a part for each us. Chime in on our Facebook wall and let us know what is on your heart in these things.  We each have a part to play.  What’s yours?