you. are. loved.

Here I am with my beautiful friend and adopted Sudanese grandma on our base in South Sudan.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  We love her and all our amazing staff family deeply.  They are true heroes.  Just popping in at the end of a very busy week to say, you are loved. Almost 10,000 hits in two days have pretty much left me sockless and speechless.  Thank you.  Let’s keep loving and sharing and encouraging all the way through April 20th and then Cover the Night with prayer and advocacy of a non-violent intervention.

In the effort to help get the word out about the implications of Kony 2012 in a way an audience who may or may not have Jesus as their center might engage with, I released today an open letter to the media.  You can read it on my other personal blog, Sowing Hope, where I periodically write to a broader audience {who are at all different places on their faith journeys, but then aren’t we all?} about transformational practices and ideas to change the world that are simple, solid and sustainable in nature.

I’d love to see you there.  But from here wonderful friends, please enjoy this weekend knowing above all: YOU. ARE. LOVED.