from the ashes

Green from blackened earth charred with flame. We wait the coming rains and yet ash falls from the sky, a predecessor of things to come.  This time of year reminds me of so much.

The miracles pushing through the ashes like resurrection leaving death an empty tomb.  He gives crowns of beauty for ashes still.  In fact He can only trust us with the authority of His beauty in places we are willing to consumed by His fire.

And from the very least likely ground, all left for dead, His beauty is springs forth.  ALIVE.  May we be found the same.  Brimming with His life that grows in wastelands and war zones and chooses the gutters of this world to be its greenhouse.

What unlikely place is Life displacing ash for you my friends?  Sometimes all comes in the seeing and being and less in the speaking and doing.

And talking about new things… I am SO excited about this!

Today in a little while starts my very first online workshop called The Inspired Life: Unlocking the Everyday Creative. We will be gathering over at where I write about the creative life to explore how to embrace the God-given creativity that is inside every one of us.  The workshop is offered freely.  I’d sure be honored if you’d join us for the journey.  You are welcome to engage at any pace that suits you.  You can find us all chattering away over here. (Most recent posts are first so scroll down to the bottom and read UP the page if you like chronological order.) Hope to see you there!