when it all flies by

Some days my life feels kind of like this.  Time, moments fly by faster than I can catch them.  I am still digging my way out of the resulting backlog from two weeks of a sick computer {now healed thankfully}.  I never knew how much I needed that “s” key until it was not there.  It too flies by under my fingers as I try and play catch up scaling cyber mountains and email landslides.

I will soon be back here more regularly.  Thank you for grace in the interim.  I have loved meeting new friends and family in Philly, catching up with dear friends in the UK and now I am on to a few days in NYC.  As the month of May slows down and it will slow down, I will be hopefully writing more again and tackling another mountain of creative projects.  Ahem.

Please as you think of us- pray for South Sudan.  We are in a crucial stand off with the North and nanometers away from all out war.  We need a miracle.  And cherish your prayers.  For more on the situation back on the home front, check out the BBC here.