do the little things

“Do the little things.” — St. David of Wales

I walk along the wind-swept shores on the coast of south Wales.  Here where rock and sand and waves are blown together.  It is one of my favorite places to hide, to take time out to tuck away with Him.  It is a wild place and it calls to the wild, untamed places in my own heart longing for more of the One Who is in no way safe but is in all ways good.

Echoes from saints of bygone eras who heard His heartbeat pounding in the surf, who wandered as pilgrims on the earth, who gave of their lives for His Presence and to embrace the poor and marginalized.  All these echoes resound on the cliffs and edges of this land.  A land of deep wells and wild spaces.  Here I am reminded of the unforced rhythms of grace… (continue reading this post over where I am honored to be guest posting today.)