invited in

I race him to the front door, treading over the olive green carpet from the seventies that has been with me since my birth into this household. Chapter 1 tells more of its story.

He whips out his pocket knife and slices the packing tape.  They have arrived.  My father proudly captures his very own copy and presents me with a pen to sign it over to him.  Then he carries it back to his office and begins to read.  Two minutes go by.  He comes and asks me gruffly what exactly my problem is with our soon to be infamous olive green almost shag carpet that should have stayed put in its decade of origin.  I laugh at his stern expression which  breaks into an unwitting chuckle. The twinkle in his eye had already given him away.

{I secretly relish this rare opportunity to see his reaction first hand. The love and support of my beautiful mom and dad is such a gift.  This too is their story for mine would not have been without them.}

Here I am sitting where it all began.  Typing this post in the same room Jesus stepped into when I was seven, the same room He whispered into when I was 15 with the same green carpet slightly flatter than before beneath my toes. I am humbled holding the overflow of my heart splatted on paper in my hands and I can only sense its arrival signals the invitation into a new stage of the journey for me.

Books are not solitary projects.  There is a whole amazing team of editors (thank you Jane and Chosen family!), graphic gurus, marketing masterminds that all collaborate to help my spilling words find their shape.  I am honored beyond words to work with such a beautiful group of talented people.

Then there is the matter of the foreword by one of today’s papas in the faith, Bill Johnson.  I still can’t read it without having to run for the tissues.  And the kind words of endorsement from many others as well grace its covers and first pages.

Not all unpaved roads are in Africa.  Some of the roads most unpaved lie within our own hearts as we journey deeper into God’s love.  So boldly pouring my heart on a page is a risky thing.  There is no going back.  No hitting the delete button.  No second thoughts on the scribblings.  It is now all black and white made permanent on paper.   This book, like this blog, is simply an altar for my story to be laid bare upon. It is a love offering laid low before Him.  And I pray it in all its risky reality draws whole masses of people into the depths of His love each of us were created for.

Stay tuned.  You will likely be hearing much more about this part of the journey.  You are invited in friends, every single one of youAn Invitation to the Supernatural Life is now immediately available on Kindle. (Amazing, it is currently #22 in its category even before its official July 1 release!) You can connect with all the latest news and events, quotes and giveaways, as well as find and dialogue with other readers on our official Facebook pageFind related conversations on twitter and share quotes from the book by using the hashtag #invitedin.

I am so grateful for each of you and look forward to hearing what God does in your life as you continue to accept His wild invitation to embrace a life brimming with His fullness.

From this unpaved road, toes squishing into the green carpet where my first steps began, always remember:

You. Are. Loved.

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