The tide comes in, baptizes my toes, soaking through the hem of my jeans.  Waves toss and tumble along the Florida shore in an ever changing, ever constant reminder of the depths and strength of God’s love.  Relentless, powerful, deep.  I stand on the sand grateful for the rhythms of grace.

I have not been around here much.  Have you noticed? Nothing is wrong.  It just has been, well, one of those seasons with days longer than my ability to carve out time to write of them.  Now things are settling in a bit, I do hope to be here much more in the coming days.  I have missed being here.  Truly.

It is a profound season of leaning on Him Who is constant even among changing tides and transitions.  I am so proud of our team of intrepid missionary and incredible national leaders in South Sudan.  It is a joy to serve them as they fly high and far in the winds of His grace. To see how He weaves us all together into a growing expression of His heartbeat in the earth.

My role has been gradually shifting into this current season where I will be spending a bit more time in the West helping to develop the long term creative strategies and support structures our growing family needs practically to thrive.  I am beyond grateful to see how God is leading our field team and me with them.  It is a beautiful exciting time of seeing His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven all around us.  But I am counting the days until I get board the plane back to South Sudan in a few weeks to deliver hugs in person.

And today…  July 1.  An Invitation to the Supernatural Life launches.  It’s a full season friends, full of grace and Him and all that matters.

Never forget.  You are loved more than you know.