the importance of unplugging

The clouds billow and bluster, threatening to unleash their summer deluge.  Our house sits on a slight hill in northeast Florida.  The hill is ever so slight.  This is Florida of course.  But we have enough elevation to be an invitation for lightening.  Thunder rumbles low and fierce sending us scrambling to unplug computers and TVs and other important electrical devices even as the flowers turn their faces upward thirsty for rain.

And suddenly the house falls silent.  No background TV noise of political rhetoric and crime reports.  No email notifications.  Just the rumble of an oncoming storm and the sound of water drops hard against the roof.  Trees bend and sway as the weather blows around us outside.  Inside we are cocooned. We are unplugged.

How is it in life when storms rage, we so often try all the harder to plug in?  More activity, more doing, more noise.  Maybe it is this very act of staying plugged in that makes us susceptible, vulnerable to the storm without sparking a storm within.

What if we unplugged instead to find a quiet place, a cocoon of grace where we slowed and stilled to listen to Him Who calms storms with a word and Whose whisper commands the wind.  Perhaps this intentional unplugging to all that swirls around is a way to walk through the storm embraced by Him Who stills raging seas and even that which rages in our own hearts.

“From peace, we dispel chaos. From the place of light we disrupt darkness. Hidden in love we overcome fear. We walk in stillness and rest as aggressive choices in the face of winds that rage.”

{From An Invitation to the Supernatural Life.}

Then storms simply become heaven’s invitations to stillness. 

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