the pen of a ready writer

“My tongue [is] the pen of a ready writer…” Ps 45:1
Maybe Psalm 45 is why I like pens so much.  I’ll blame my love of a really good pen on David.  OK, maybe not.  But I am quite sure it is an occupational hazard that comes with being a creative.  Color, sheen, texture, variety… and that is just referring to the ink.

It is two am here.  Again.  And 8 am will come all too early, so this is short.  Much more to be sharing with you.  Much MUCH more.  But between a nasty tango with yet another infection of malaria a month ago and then the saga of my electric tooth {I know you want to hear about that one!}, I am a little behind in putting stories to paper.

In this season I am going to be writing here I really do hope with some defined regularity.  I miss all of you and so cherish your time spent with these words.

But I am also going to regularly write in several other places as well.  Some I have introduced here, some I haven’t.  It is like my blogs are having blogs.  I know where I am in cyberspace.  The extremely diligent who have enough time to peruse my plethora of links have an idea of where I am in cyberspace.  But I am going err on the side of believing most of you are pretty busy and fishing out more things to read out of the cyber ocean just takes more time than perhaps you have.

So my friends… now there is a simple way to find the highlights of my entire cyber world in one place.  If you are following here and here is all you are interested in…  Fabulous, please keep following.  But if perchance you are curious to explore a bit more and/or have been trying to round up all my various facets in some cohesive understanding, they are all available in one easy to follow site.

Hope to see you there!

{PS.  Tumblr users, add to your follow list and let’s stay in touch…}