the year to abound

2013viewIt is a bit hard to believe. We are standing at the dawn of a whole new year.  Looking out across 365 unblemished opportunities to step out into dreams waiting to be lived, I am smiling wide and long.  I love new beginnings, blank canvases, fresh starts, line-in-the-sand moments when all is made new.

The doomsdayers and the naysayers are busy recalculating and calibrating.  The world is still here and while the country may be bungeeing off a cliff edge of fiscal policy, it is still at the moment tethered in its dive.

I am reminded again today my past does not have to determine my future nor my today dictate my tomorrow– unless I let it.

This has been a whirlwind year of change for me personally and professionally. Moving back clear across the world, handing over the work in South Sudan to an amazing team of leaders raised up to lead it into its new season while I cheer them on, preparing to fully launch two businesses to help support what I’m doing globally, continuing to serve with Iris Ministries this side of the pond and then facing off with some health mountains dropped in my path.  It’s been intense!

In all this I have been noticeably absent here and online in general.  I have missed all of you!  Truly.

As I am getting my feet so to speak back under me and starting this new leg of my journey at a radically different pace, I look forward to being back in these cyber parts far more often than I have been able to previously.


For years I have liked naming my new year.  A calling forth into being.  A setting of focal lengths. This year I am christening this with the word abound.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.     –Psa. 23:5

Right in the middle of my current enemies of facial nerve damage and adrenal issues, God is preparing a feast of overcoming abundance!  In the middle of a potential fiscal cliff free-fall and economic uncertainty, we for whom all things work together for good, can abound.

If you’ve hung around with me at all, you’ll recall I really like words.  Especially ancient biblical ones.  The word abound in the Scripture means “to exceed, excel, make plenteous, rest, to better, to overflow, to surpass, to have more than enough.”

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed… 2Cor. 9:8

We have a chance like never before to live on the all of God.  Extreme optimist that I am, I’m fairly certain this economic climate is the MOST exciting kind to be an entrepreneur in.  Follow more of that part of my journey specifically at Edge Creative Consulting.

To live in abundance means also to live with intentionality and focus.  Because I am in this race for the long haul, I have been taking the month of December to consolidate my life just a bit.

Here are the places you will find me writing very regularly at this year:

  • Edge Creative Consulting: On topics like business, leadership, branding, creativity, innovation, start-up savvy, coaching, personal growth and organizational change
  • Talking Walls Art: Posting works in progress, art events I’m participating as well as tackling topics pertaining to art, beauty, faith and the creative life.
  • From the Unpaved Road: My personal blog.

Here is a collective site where you can follow all of the sites above and more, from one location:

Here are places you can find out more information on things pertaining to my ongoing role with Iris Global:

  • Iris South Sudan: This site is now fully managed and maintained by our amazing field team in South Sudan who bring us all the latest happenings, stories and needs from the bases there.
  • Create 61: Our team site for Create 61 and all related news, events and musings.
  • Iris Jacksonville: The latest on Iris Jacksonville as it develops through its partnership with Create 61.

Blessed new year my friends.  It is good to be back writing again.  It is a new backdrop and context, but still my journey into His heart remains the same.  Join me in this new pace of grace through a fresh season of His goodness on a road that remains unpaved except for His steps.