be*YOU*tiful love

He reaches deep into the recesses of spinning clay to tenderly pull up the walls.  Round and round the moistened earth turns, takes form, shape from the hands of Love Himself.  All true beauty comes from within.

canstockphoto9437996CanStock photo/smithmore

And the paradox. Beauty eternal, unfading, unchanging is a beauty now unseen except in glimpses.   A morning river glass enshrouded in fog set on fire, emboldened by the sunrise. Perfectly breathtaking, but only a glimpse, a parting of time that whispers and disappears. We focus so much energy on what will rust and sag and wrinkle with time.  I focus so much energy.

Heavenly Fog On The St. Johns(

My recent journey through the land of facial nerve issues, relocation clear across the planet and starting a very different season in my life has provoked searching deep.  Pondering long and hard on what my own culture esteems ideal, on what I esteem ideal within it. Coming back to live in the West intentionally for the first time in my adult life, I really am amazed by so many things and am still processing.

I am not one who’d win on a beauty contest stage, not on any level, and I am actually quite fine with that.  I have other gifts.  Stages and spotlights can be dangerous, fickle things.  I prefer the cozy confines of my studio pounding out thoughts with the keys of my heart, dreams splashed on a screen, colors washed on canvas, coffees shared with friends, hidden places and unknown paths.  {Ladies, mascara does however belong in a survival kit and my idea of camping remains forever a spa day.}

I’m reminded tonight the only crown Jesus wore was made of thorns and His primary platform, a cross.  That is the crown, the platform I deserve and none other.  But HE carried them so He could wrap me up instead in His beautiful grace that never sags or rusts or wrinkles. His grace is a bloodied exchange.  His love so incomprehensibly costly.  And us.  The loved.  We are most lovely when we’re living authentically surrendered to His loveThis is freedom.  To live surrendered to Love.

I pray 2013 will be a be-YOU-tiful year for you of being loved, celebrating heaven’s gifts, seeing through grace eyes and saying yes to living consumedMay you become more of who you truly are in Him than ever before, shining with His light.  Here’s to a new season of journey.  And I am so looking forward to sharing it with you!