My favorite question ask fellow passengers I share an airline row with is:

What’s your passion?  If you could do anything, no holds barred, what would it be?

Many a transatlantic flight has turned into an eight hour ministry session with that opener.  I suggest you only use it only if you want to chat.

It hit me recently.  I have been in some form of vocational expression of ministry for over 17 years {the last 6 years spent with my adopted family in South Sudan}.  Almost a year ago, God turned the tables and He asked me my favorite question.  Apparently He likes it too.  😉

I had a dream at the age of 17, a wild audacious dream to have my own executive coaching and leadership development consulting firm.  I was just stepping into this dream when God pressed pause because I needed to learn more of His Kingdom.  And teach me He did.  Not from a school or a course or a book.  He told me to go instead and learn about His marvelous, messy, upside-down, inside-out absolutely-perfect Kingdom from the poor , the broken, the marginalized and from children.  I am still learning.  Everyday.


Then 17 years later almost to the day late last September, Jesus presses play on the dream from so long ago.  And the dream that was all vapor and dust literally explodes in front of me with such vitality and clarity I am still staring at it wide-eyed.

The best part of God’s promises…  When we wait on His timing, they are not either/or.  They are both AND more.  And it is always worth the wait.

So my friend, “What’s your passion?”