all things new


There are some seasons you simply have to embrace in their silence. 

How many times have I opened this browser window intending to write, but only to stare at the blinking cursor and then close it again.  I am a firm believer that unless you have something actually to say, it is better to be profound in saying nothing.  I’m not here to practice my penmanship.  {And aren’t you glad of that!}

I don’t write unless I have word-offerings to bring, to serve.  The only words that have weight enough to offer and substance enough to serve are the ones first written in seconds and days, one choice, one step at a time.  If not these, then not any at all.

It is the silences, the pauses that give language meaning.  And I have not known how to write this season any other way but with silence.

You might notice we just got a makeover!  I’ve been spending a bit of time doing some thinking about what this space is to be. What do I write and what does the canvas of my life look like now that my 120 beautiful children are oceans away?

It won’t look like the endless stream of stories and photos from another world.  But it will be my heart splashed on a screen, a journey with twists and turn and ups and downs.  Might be a bit more on creativity, contemplation and culture, a few more devotional thoughts from Scripture, some arty meanderings.

Honestly:  I.  Have.  NO. Idea.  I suppose we’ll find out together.  In a sense this space is stripped down to just me.

Everything has changed and nothing has changed at all.  At its deepest foundation, this “here” will continue being what it has always been.  An altar to offer my story on. And an invitation to embrace your own storied adventure with Jesus.

So my friends.  Welcome to the next chapter of the journey.  Really this time.


Recently a dear friend invited me to be part of an intercontinental 1 minute video challenge where each of us participating were to shared the things we were sensing from Jesus for the season and year to come. 2013 in less than 60 seconds.  I’m sandwiched right in the middle of some of my favorite people on earth.  {A few of whom are still learning to spell my name with one L.}  Enjoy!