who paints the skies?


Humming now an old song by Stuart Townsend,

“Who paints the skies into glorious day?
Only the splendor of Jesus.
Who breaths his life into fists of clay?
Only the splendor of Jesus.
Who shapes the valleys and brings the rain?
Only the splendor of Jesus.
Who makes the desert to live again?
Only the splendor of Jesus.”

Sitting tonight tucked away in a highrise overlooking the bay along the Emerald Coast, I am so grateful to connect again with my family of fellow Kingdom dreamers and paradigm iconoclasts in these parts. Earlier the skies spilled His splendor and kissed the road to Destiny with gold.

Who makes it all possible again and again and again?   Only the splendor of Jesus.  I am looking forward to all He has in the next two days.  I am pretty sure it includes a morning walk on the beach and some sandy toe squishing action.  After all He cleared the forecast, just for me, ahem.

May His splendor fill your skies and hearts friends.  Always.

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