HausmannWeightsGroup500Today was a most interesting day.

My very first session ever with my new personal trainer.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  But you and I both know I love a good challenge.  My body has always had its quirks to overcome but this last season with the facial nerve issues about knocked me down for the count.  I can’t do anything about fixing my facial nerve except trust Jesus in it all, but it did dawn on me I could help strengthen the rest of me.  Maybe getting myself healthier in general might even rub off.

Today I found out something.  I am a whole lot stronger than I thought I was.  I started out on 10lb weights.  Yep the big ones up there.  And with the right guidance there really wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, even if I had to do it a little differently.  I thought I’d be in the weak recovering missionary from a tropical war zone with inadequate nutrition who has never really worked out a day in her life category.  Still getting part of my body with the program, true.  But I’m actually going to be circuit training like an athlete {with a few injuries} would.  That’s pretty darn encouraging if I do say so myself.  Take that trigeminal neuralgia.

We never really know what’s inside of us until we try.  We never really know how strong God is inside of us until we step out and trust Him.  I’ve expected a 2 and He’s been a 10+ every single time.  He is limitless except in the places I limit Him by holding back my trust.  So here’s to a life lived in His strength, heart flung wide open, abandoned to His love that knows no limits.

Be encouraged. You are stronger than you think when you have His strength on the inside of you.