when life crashes in


You know those pictures of intrepid surfers riding the crest of a gargantuan wave that a few inches either direction would send them tumbling under its power? {In case you don’t, a google image search graciously provided the one above.}

Enter, my life. Ok, that is not me in the photo. But still. Welcome to my world with an extra 500 or so pages of reading assignments each week for my master’s degree.  I am grateful to be a speed reader and that my organizational tactics have organizational tactics to avoid the crash zone of this maverick season I am learning to navigate.

But there are days despite your best efforts, life happens and you find yourself spun in its crash zone.  Ahem.  It has been one of those, mercifully bookended by coffee with friends.  When our lives are rightly fit in relationship, grounded in family, even the crush of life and deadlines and dreams and joys and gut-wrenching sorrows and pain and delight and loss and success and failure and did I mention, dreams?  It all becomes framed with perspective that makes the crashing waves, stormy skies and riptide currents a little less hazardous.

We were never designed to be a lone surfer.  There are moments it is you and the wave but it is never ever ONLY you and the waveOur most maverick waves, the ones that threaten to drown us and shred our worlds are… only… ripples… when watched from heaven.  And we, you and I, we are held in Hand by the One Who set the boundaries of the seas and made a pathway through the deep.  You and I are invited into a whole family of wave-walkers and light-carriers.

There are seasons strength means standing. There are others strength only comes through leaning.  Leaning hard on grace and His goodness and His ability to handle the ripples that look like tidal waves when we stare them down from the shore.

Praying for you friends, that you know His grace and lean in hard to His faithfulness and let the waves threatening turmoil only take you higher and deeper into your destiny.

Speaking of grace.  Some of my friends and fellow Iris family who lead Iris Central Coast in CA are starring in an original Lifetime series called “Preacher’s Daughters.”  I am so happy that we share the same last name {even if we are only related in the Kingdom}.  They are a shining example of God’s grace and might just among be the bravest folks I know to allow a hoard of cameras, lights, crew and not to mention the entire country into their living room and some really tender family moments. That takes serious guts.  I’d prefer dealing with ak-47 toting soldiers in South Sudan.  Truly.  Some of the other segments featuring other families had content that was ahem well not for the faint of heart: so if you do check it out, please be aware of that. It made me blush and I have heard and seen just about everything from the women and girls I have worked with to see set free from trafficking and exploitation.

The Perry family radiates His love; raw, real authenticity and seeing them on my screen here in Florida’s First Coast made me want to board a plane for CA’s Central Coast.  I love you guys and Iris First Coast is cheering you on!