be the one to stop


Tonight.  What a night!

In making this poster to be printed for a statewide women’s event I will be at tomorrow: my computer crashed twice, I lost the file three-times and had to reinstall Photoshop on my hard drive. In the morning, I will rise earlier than I’d like to think about now to finish getting ready and make the trek west.

Please join me in praying for many open hearts who want to make a difference in a child’s life in South Sudan.  It really doesn’t take very much.  For the price of 5 conservative trips to Starbucks or a mid-range dinner out {about $35}, each month it is possible to literally change the world.

It is easy to assume someone else will be the one to stop.  When everyone assumes the next person will stop and get involved, no one does.  Be the one to stop for one. Become a part of our sponsorship family and join us in the adventure and joy of taking care of some God’s most precious treasures.

Just hop on over here and take a peek.  {You can even sign up to sponsor a child or request our sponsorship team to be in touch.}

Maybe you’d like to help us get the word out?  Yes, we need that too!

Here is a downloadable brochure {in a .pdf file} that makes it easy to share with your world about this amazing opportunity.  You can tweet or share this post on Facebook just below with the sharing buttons.

Grateful for you friends!