when your world is fraying


Some days it seems like your world is fraying at the edges and all that is seen screams impossible.  It is on days like these that we lean hard on Him, pressing into heaven, standing on His goodness.  And our fraying edges where dreams and plans have seemed to unravel before our eyes, these edges He stitches with grace.

The last six months have been ones of extreme battle over our Yei base.  I was delayed from returning because of dealing with my own extreme health battles and the enemy has fought long and hard to take me out and our dear Sudanese family whom I love so very much with me.  Unexpected legal expenses drained almost all our reserves and we are back to where we were when I came to Africa 7 years ago.  Desperately dependent on the only One Who can meet our needs, standing in raw faith and as all has been shaken to the core, His unshakeable Kingdom remains.

We are retooling some things, regrouping, redirecting, reassigning and watching Him restore.  Seven times that which was stolen, in every area.  While I now live in Jacksonville, FL, I still lead the Yei base in South Sudan for Iris Global and serve the other bases and partner works there however I can.  I will be visiting South Sudan every few months for as much time as my health will allow or God will grace.  While in Florida, I am pioneering Iris First Coast with a precious group hungry lovers of Jesus and traveling to share the stories of God’s amazing grace and lead others to encounter His extravagant goodness.

Because I was unable to travel to speak or be involved directly with the work in South Sudan for almost six months due to some crazy medical issues, we are in a place of stepping out in total faith to a degree we haven’t had to in quite a while.  But God provides.  Period.  And stretching is good for us.  If we never face the impossible, we will never see the miraculous.  {And by the way, I am back on the road as God opens doors to minister.  You can contact me directly to see about having me stop by if that at all is of interest.}

It goes without saying that I am beyond elated to be visiting my precious family in Yei tomorrow, even if the visit is a bit on the short side.  I have missed them so very much.

We need some miracles friends.  But that is pretty familiar territory with roads paved in heaven!

Please be praying for our Yei base specifically in this season where much has been shaken {and for all our bases and partner works}:

  • For peace.  The shalom nothing broken nothing missing restoring peace of Jesus to guard the gates of our minds and our homes.
  • For protection.  From all elements that seek to devour and corrupt, kill, steal and destroy.
  • For provision seven times greater than that which was lost.  Every need met in each and every work we serve and connect with.

All my love,