When your world is shaking, it is not what you can hold onto but Who holds on to you that makes all the difference.

It has been a shaky kind of week filled with dusty roads, tears, loss, grace, laughter and the people who make my world truly rich.  Family.  To lead go low, dig deep and lift the ones you serve up to fly.  And when I thought I could not go any lower, I am finding there is always lower still.

This was not a normal visit home.  There has been a shaking that stripped us right down to our foundations.  Seven years ago I entered what is now South Sudan with a lot of promises and not much else.  We trusted God for everything. And now we stand in need of that everything kind of ridiculous trust and faith again. This time it is my children who remind me of the testimonies of His greatness.

In recent years, we have settled in and somehow the West has crept in around the edges.  I am not talking about the good things kindhearted people have offered to bless our family with or the precious people who come visit (you are welcome you know) but rather a mindset, a way of thinking.  Many of our children have never prayed for food to multiply simply because they have never had to see it multiply.

In this shaking, God has given our family a gift.  A gift to be able to begin again.  I am so grateful.

We have been given a gift that calls our family to exercise their faith and see miracle replies.  A precious opportunity for our leaders to lead with their ears pressed close to hear wisdom from heaven and see something truly indigenous rise up to transform the land filled with God’s Kingdom love and power.  It is from times like these revivals are born and nations changed.

We trust when the shaking subsides it will only be His unshakeable Kingdom that remains in us, through us, around us.  Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.  We sure do love you and thank Him for your love and support.