joy is not optional

lanieweb-63Joy is not optional.

It is what anchors our roots deep in heaven and allows us to live beyond our circumstances on earth.  Beyond storms.  Beyond Mt.Everest sized problems and impossible dreams.  Beyond even our own selves.  Joy that lets us leap right in the face of loss and ground our hopes on nothing else but the unfailing goodness of our God.

He is good.  Period.  Full stop.  And the only thing that hangs in the balance is wondering how He will transform these circumstances we are staring eye-to-eye with to make them become radical displays of His goodness.

My joy is a weapon.  And it doesn’t depend on everything going right.  In fact I only know how deep my joy is when everything goes horribly wrong and in the middle of it all, by some miracle of grace, I can still throw my head back, look into His face, gulp air down and laugh. Hard.  In the middle of challenges I could have never imagined, I find out I am ok.  The ones I love at the end of it all will be better than just ok.  Together we will become marvels of the goodness and grace of God.

And that truth makes all the difference.

If you are in the North FL area, or can get on my travel schedule when I am doing more of that, I am starting to slowly, on a limited basis begin to do certain types of photo shoots on the side.  I don’t have a studio and I really don’t do standard studio photography. It’s just not me. I bring the studio with me on location capturing the essence of the moment in real time portraiture, raw life tumbling into my lens.  Want to know more?  Come with me, walk with me right over… {click the linked text ;-)}