in storms

Famous La Jument Lighthouse and Guard in a Storm, by Jean Guichard
Famous La Jument Lighthouse and Guard in a Storm, by Jean Guichard

The name, fame and reputation of the Lord is a strong tower & fortress; the {consistently} righteous {innocent of wrong doing and in right standing with God} runs, is carried speedily into it and is safe {set securely on high and unassailable} -Prov 18:10 {Michele’s Expanded Version}

It is hard to be consistently creative in a storm.  It is hard to be consistent at all when a storm and a season of transition collides creating something like a super storm.  Remember New York under water not so long ago?  Creativity and consistency and anything resembling a rhythm of normality simply stops.

Ah and then there is this picture of La Jument, a lone outpost in the north of France being utterly engulfed in the deluge.  And the dot of a man standing small amidst the waves.  So, have you ever been in a season that imitates this bit of art?  Surrounded with impending disaster and inescapable defeat… Of course this famous photo shows a man seconds away from being swept off to an untimely watery grave. Face to face with his mortality, powerless and hold on, wait a minute… He instantly,  instinctively runs back inside the safety of the tower of light and lives to tell about it.  Storms show us what our strong tower really is.

It isn’t the storms that define us.  It is rather how we respond to them and through them that makes all the difference. 

What is my strong tower, really?  Do I run to my own fame, my reputation, my identity?  I can tell you even an accomplished resume means nothing when staring down a wall of crushing water, the barrel of an AK-47 or the scathing attacks of the enemy.  Nothing at all.  There is only one Safe Place.  And that place has everything to do with His reputation, not my own.

His fame, His identity, His renown is the only safe Strong Tower when storms threaten to sweep you under.  I’m getting to learn even deeper levels of this walk with Him in the stormy places this season.

It has been a year of crazy health battles, multiple moves, radical transitions and some of strongest storms I have ever experienced, both personally and in ministry.  It is really hard to write in the middle of transition.  Really. hard. It isn’t that the USA is less inspiring than Africa, or that God has lowered His voice.  Sure I could have slapped some well-placed words together harvested from last season and sent them forth.  But you’d know the difference.  More importantly, I would know the difference.

This unpaved road sometimes takes us through stretches there just are no words at all.  The only words that have power are the ones I live first. I am committed here in this quiet space to only writing those words. The kind with substance, with weight. And I cannot make these up.  They have to be walked before they can be written.

May He be your strong tower and all you need, not just to survive the storm but to shine in it.

P.S.  I do know that all this is terribly vague and has been vague for several months now.  I’ll be able to say more soon after a few final loose ends are settled.  It is a really amazing season of God’s 100% faithfulness and I am excited to share with you the stories and lessons as soon as I am able to.

One thing I can mention.  Oh so exciting.  Aug 31, 2013 will be the official full launch of several endeavors you may have heard of or seen whispers of online.   My consulting firm, art studio and Create 61 will move from pre-launch status to “3-2-1-take-off” at an art show I am so honored to be showing at that will benefit my family in S Sudan.  Right here in our nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine.  I’ll post more information as we get closer for those in the NE Florida area.  If you’d like to come out and enjoy some yummy eats, great coffee, amazing art and a chance to say hi in person, I’d absolutely love to see you there! For now,  just mark those calendars so you don’t miss it.