It reminds me of bush outreach.  I am all piled in my car with my things in tow.  Praying for God to make His Love known in tangible ways and set things up.  That’s all I did in South Sudan.  Show up filled up ready to be spilled out.  Wait, listen and do what I see Him doing.  Tonight was no different.

It was not about having a successful event or a great plan.  It was not about a fabulous message and compelling argument, or heaven forbid, an agenda.   It was about one little word that still turns the world upside down.  LOVE.

All light has to do to be effective is to shine.  It is such a privilege to be meeting area artists and creatives.  One new friend commented how it was such a great atmosphere, it was almost spiritual.  Light, all it has to do is be rightly placed and ready to shine His love.  And everyone around notices.

With an amazing friend who is pioneering a cutting edge community of artists along with a fine arts supply store and cafe.  She helps to organize these kind of events in our city.

Now I am as upfront as they come about my love for Jesus and what I believe, but before I can share about Him, people need to experience Him in and through my life… even if it is only in a 30 second conversation. 

So tonight reminds me of bush outreach.  We gather under a tent, enjoy really fun music and for me, it is all about being the face of His love and the sound of His goodness that shapes the atmosphere. 

I’m so excited about what Papa is up to here in NE Florida… with the precious relationships forming and Create 61/Iris First Coast becoming a reality in front of my very eyes.  It is really happening.  There is a stirring of something profound.  To me, sitting under a tree with village leaders and watching blind eyes see is no different than sitting around a table sharing stories from the journey, I pray, in such a way others thirst for more than they can see with perfectly good eyes.  It is first, last and always Love.