on transition


Transitioning is one thing.  Transitioning well with heart, body and spirit all set right before Jesus is something else all together.  No transition is easy.  Not really.  All change is hard {even for those of us who love it} and often comes with hard choices.  In the last few months finalizing the details of my relocating back to the US and starting what is really a very different life: it has been my heart’s desire, in as far as it depends on me, to transition well.  I am not sure my body got them memo, but after a bumpy ride my heart and spirit did.

I was in the studio tonight playing around with some color palettes and how they blend together.  It dawned on me that the transitional tones were the most vibrant and beautiful.  Perhaps transitions are only meant to add more color to these lives of ours. 

Somethings are fairly constant.  I still travel and minister, although my schedule has been drastically reduced for health reasons.  I am hoping I am able to pick it up a little bit come the fall.  I’m no longer in leadership in S Sudan with Iris and the bases there are fully turned over to Iris Global at this time.  But I am committed to be available for the current base leadership, especially in their transition, to cheer them on and be a support however I can.  How I love these kids and the dear ones who care for them! We have been through some desperately hard months and still need some huge breakthroughs.  Find out more how you can help some of the most amazing people on the planet.  And YES I am VERY biased!  Please pray for us.

But many things on my journey are changing.  I am in the middle of finalizing the paperwork for a new ministry based here in NE Florida called Create 61.  While Create 61 is an independent entity, because of my history and heart connection with Iris Global; we will certainly seek to partner and serve them, especially the S Sudan bases, however God leads and gives us ability to do so.


And some things are just plain brand-spanking new.  A new picture being painted on the canvas of an entirely new season.  I want to take this next week to introduce some of the new things starting around these parts.  But before I do, I want to thread these new pieces together with the old for you.

In the West we have such a habit of compartmentalizing our lives.  This is my church cubby, this is my work cubby and this is my home cubbyTo Jesus it is ALL His and not one is more sacred that the other.  It all matters to Him equally. 

To me, this season of my life {other than the running water and electricity} has many similarities to the last season before it.  It is still about loving the one in front of me.  My bush outreach has morphed from standing in the back of a flat bed trailer preaching to entering the art world as a visual fine artist and the business world as a creativity and business development coach.

{Secret prayer: that one day the ideas God has given and continues to give in these endeavors will not just pay my bills but exceedingly abundantly more so I can give extravagantly.  I am all for ministry support and the worker being worth her hire.  At this point, I definitely still rely on generous hearts who want to sow into what Jesus calls me to be a part of here and as I travel to minister.  But one day, I’d so love my needs and salary to be covered, so I can give even more to the Kingdom.  I mean that would be SO much fun!}

Missions is about contextualizing the message of Jesus for the culture you are serving in.  A flat bed truck here, at least where I live, would probably not be all that effective.  So Papa is giving new vehicles to share His love through.  And even though the vehicle looks very different on the outside, the heartbeat and message inside is all very much the same.

Now I am going to be writing about living from the unpaved road while braving the paved variety.

Thank you for sticking with me in the silent in between seasons.  And for those of you who just love my South Sudan stories, more will be coming.  Many are still untold and I have about 10,000 photos that need to be shared eventually.  I do hope to go back and visit next year, but this year am focusing {not entirely by choice} on getting healthy, getting Create 61 launched and getting these new vehicles of outreach up and running.

Please pray for me.  I need prayer support more than ever.  Cherish your journeying with me friends!  Thank you.