when the road curves

RDbanner2I never could have expected my road to have taken the turns that it has.  Now it is as if I am standing on a darkened stage right before the curtain lifts.  It is a season of choosing to trust in the face of so many unknowns.  But isn’t that the only place to choose trust?  In the middle of the unknown.

Tonight I’m reminded.  I’m reminded that it is about the journey, not about arriving at a certain destination.  This thing called call is found only in the context of relationship, never in the context of platform or persona.  Oh we may have great platforms, but they are the result of walking in the center of our call, defined by our relationship with Jesus and the people with whom He calls us to walk.  The only standard I am accountable for is fulfilling the calling for which God has created me.

That’s why a culture of celebrity can be really dangerous.  Now please hear me.  We need leaders and inspirational communicators and mamas and papas.  And there is a point it is right and good to say, “Gee I want to be like them when I grow up. They look so much like Jesus.” Even Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

But the danger comes when our call becomes defined by the scope and nature of our platform and our measuring stick of success is defined by someone else’s journey.

Two years ago I stood at what many might consider the pinnacle of ministry success.  But right then, at the height of “success”, God was preparing me to step aside to let others carry it higher and farther than I could.  I did my part.  I hope with all my heart that the relationships with my adopted family in S Sudan only grow stronger over time, but what those relationships look like will change and grow even as the people in them change and grow.

Driving to a meeting in Destin, FL last fall, God surprised me.  He whispered right as I drove, “Beloved do you remember what you wanted to do when you were 17?”

My reply, “Not really.”

So He reminded me.

He reminded me of my dream to mentor and train leaders.  He reminded me He sat me down because I was after all 17 and knew next to nothing about His Kingdom or life in it.  And He reminded me how He sent me to sit with the poorest of the poor and with children to learn what His Kingdom looks like.  And I did for 17 years, almost to the day.  The dream was laid so far down I had forgotten it.

But then, then when I least expected, that dream leapt forth brimming with life and all of heaven backing up His one whispered, “NOW!”

Now it comes forth, now it begins, now daughter you are ready.  It is a quaking-in-my-boots, desperately-depending-on-heaven kind of ready.

When God asks us to lay things down, it is only so He can give us something better in their place.

I look forward to many more years sitting with the poor and learning from them.  We, I can never move away from that.  In loving and learning from the least, we remain grounded to heaven. 

Last September, Edge Creative Consulting, LLC was born.  It has been a very intentionally slow first months.  My kids have taught me so many things and one of the greatest lessons I learned from them was above all else I simply L-O-V-E helping others fly higher than I can.  It puts a cheesy kind of smile on my face just thinking about it.

It took 17 years for God to teach me it isn’t about me succeeding or taking over the world by Tuesday {or at all}. It is about helping others succeed and serving, loving the one in front of me. Until that became my foundation, I could not in any way train effective leaders.

But now.  Oh I am looking forward to seeing so many leap off this ceiling of mine and fly high, straight into the Son.  The only reason I want to raise my ceiling is to raise your floor.  That simple.

If you have a moment and are curious about one new element taking form over here, take a peek over at LifeCanvas™ Visual Coaching It’s my signature coaching method that blends the practical know-how of a skilled business consultant with the creativity of an artist and the perception and acuity of a personal coach.  It combines cutting-edge creativity coaching with visual journaling techniques and includes targeted LifeCanvas™ creative activation exercises that are customized to meet you right where you are at and journey with you toward meeting your goals and seeing your dreams begin to unfold.  You don’t have to be an artist or even consider yourself particularly “creative”… LifeCanvas  can be tailor-made just for you and unlock creativity on the inside of you you didn’t even know was there.  I am smiling that I’m-thinking-of-my-favorite-thing-ever kind of smile just thinking of it!

As always friends, remember: You are loved.