Leaving Your Mark

IMG_2244We are really in autumn.  It is 2pm and still in the 70s here in north Florida.  I can feel the change in the air and I love it.   Last weekend I had the absolute privilege of sharing at Christian Healing Ministries annual women’s conference called Captivate.

It is the first large ministry event I have spoken at since this last season of transition.  I am just SO amazed and grateful for how God poured out on these precious ladies all weekend long.  And on me too! I’m grateful for their open-hearted embrace as I step into this new season of planting a church and ministering right here in sunny Florida.


In one of the sessions I did, all 400 or so of us painted a collaborative painting.  Some women waited for almost 2 hours to make their mark.  Watching them come in such joy and intention to fill the canvas with color and life was one of the most humbling things I’ve been a part of.

It speaks volumes to me about the importance for each of us to leave our mark.  How foundational a need it is in us all to matter, to have a voice, to make a difference.  We were created for significance.  And I can tell you that canvas would not have been what it became with even one mark missing.

cap-09-21-13-4 copyAfter the women each came and left their mark on this canvas, I took the next session to finish the painting and tie all the marks together into one piece.  Isn’t that what God loves to do in our lives together?  Tie all our voices and expressions of Him into one beautiful masterpiece of His goodness, ready to be shared with the world around us.  Isn’t that at the core, what being church is all about?

cap 4516-2I had never done this before.  So it was a bit bold and daring.  What a beautiful experience to look for ways to highlight and weave together the expression of so many voices.  Then it was an absolute JOY to see the impact of this one exercise when the finished version was presented as a gift to the organizers of the conference from ALL of us.  All 400 or so.  Together.

Your voice, your stroke of paint, your life lived out in Him MATTERS.  YOU matter.  The canvas of His dreams is incomplete without you.

cap-09-21-13-4One life lived in love and so lived in God and God in him, God in her can indeed make history.  Just by being who you are.  So grateful for each of you friends.  Get ready to join a whole new chapter of this ongoing adventure in Jesus.  Thank you for sharing the journey!