Listening Silence

sitting-1This is where I sat this afternoon.

Perched on a fallen log on a mountain side overlooking the valley with a river cutting it through.  Amazes me how so often it is the things that fall down and apart that give us the best places to see from.  Sunlight sprawling gold at my toes through towering pines. Mountain peaks standing strong and silence wrapping my soul.  Somehow in a place like this the world turns itself right and me with it.

I have been taking a few day retreat with Jesus up in the Pacific Northwest.  No agenda but His.  No plan but to be still and know.  Enjoy a day at the spa and walk the aspen lined trails where the air is clear and free.  Listening to Him with my whole being.

I need this.  I need time set aside just for Him.  Not 10 minutes in between appointments but whole days I can walk and drink deeply and marvel and breathe and be.  Just that.  Be.  Not attend more meetings or take another course.  But guard time that I now am jealous for.  To sit in solitude in thin places to see through to His beauty.  Wild spaces of grace.  And it is all Jesus.  Simplicity and purity of devotion to Him.  First, last and every point in between.

So much stirring inside my friends.  I have been rather at a loss as to what to write.  How to write in this new place and season of life.  It has all but squeezed the words right out of me.

But today I found words again right where I first found them so long ago.  Wrapped up in Him Who is the Word unlocked in the silent places.  In Africa, I wrote of my exterior journey and what it taught me.  But back in America, this unpaved road has become an interior journey and I understand now it is from this place I must write.  And write I will.  So much is on my heart for the Church here in the West.  For all of our journeys deeper into His heart.

sitting-1-2I cracked open this journal and started to write again like I did so long ago.  Write out the promises, the whispers of heaven, His steady quiet voice pouring into my heart.  There are teachings and encounters and many things I have barely scratched the surface of sharing.  And now is time for some of them to find form and be offered.  Not as hidden knowledge to demonstrate some spiritual benchmark but as an offering laid bare on the altar of His story as it is being written in my life.  That perhaps they would nourish and serve you on your journey into His story as it is written in your hours and days.

Sometimes we can only find our truest voice in silence as we listen to Him.  And from this listening silence we find His words that shape our world.