Into the New

intothenew-1I am one who loves to go where there is no path and leave a trail.

Sometimes that lends itself to some solitary journeying and rough patches.  I spent some time today marveling at all God has brought me through.  Thankful for His unwavering faithfulness in it all.  18 separate rounds with the cerebral strain malaria over 6 years, an ongoing battle of over a year with medically speaking one of the top 5 most painful conditions known to man thanks to a dental mishap and a host of non-medical storms this last year to boot.  And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  But He has been so so so very present to carry me when I could not walk myself. Miles ahead to journey but I’m grateful for this new season with a promise of all things being made new.

Like leaves of gold that fall, seasons change.  Some seasons burn bright with the fire of God’s promises, others stand stark and stripped against the cold having done-all to stand, and even others celebrating the little green hints of new life peeking up impossibly from awakening ground.

I am beginning to dream again deeper than ever and am so very grateful for the amazing team of dreamers God has brought around.  For family of the heart to journey with.  For fresh starts and blank slates and empty canvases crying out for creation.  So this post just to say, Thank You Papa… can’t wait to journey all that lies ahead.

PS- My art studio has been in a rebranding process, unveiled yesterday as RiverTree Studio & Designs.  A new sound for a new season. I loved the name Talking Walls and still do.  But felt an enlarging of application and Talking Walls is being reincorporated as a specific product/service line.  It is about the flow of creativity being released in those I am privileged to serve as well as creating art and illustration from that place of heart abundance and overflow. I want my art to be infused with life that in turn can literally transform atmospheres in the spaces in which it is placed. I can’t give what I don’t have and the reality that shows in my work must first become real in me. And it is fitting as I am primarily a watermedia artist!