The Gift of Seeing

pissarroqtThe temperature is dropping outside my window and the heat is kicking on every few moments to keep my warmth at the right level.  Almost 7 years in Africa changes ones internal thermostat!

Friends, wow what can I say, except I am radically grateful for all of God’s goodness poured out into my world.  It has been the hardest journey I have ever been on, this journey out of Africa.  It knocked the words right out of me for months.  I’ve squeezed years of living into these last 14 months.  But things are finally settling. Finally.

This new journey I’m on isn’t about taking nations.  It isn’t about radical exploits in far flung war zones.  It’s about taking back my health.  I don’t talk much about those struggles.  They were so pale compared to all God was and is doing.  And partly because I just press through them.  I simply don’t want to give them the satisfaction of my attention.

18 rounds with cerebral malaria, a host of other tropical bugs {some of which we are still trying to figure out}, dental malpractice that damaged my facial nerve last fall here in FL and living in a part of the world I was allergic to most of their staple diet thus only ate sparingly for years… my health pretty much crashed out last year.  I haven’t had a year off.  I have had the fight of my life.  And I am.  Fighting.  To get healthy.  To support the amazing woman who has taken the reins in South Sudan and will lead them into their next season.  To rebuild a life after loosing what felt like almost everything to sickness and slander.  To plant in a new season in a new place learning a new pace.

The enemy may think he won the last round.  But he didn’t.  God redeems every little thing, every moment and I am standing for seven-fold restoration. 

In this season, the fight looks like stillness in the storm.  It looks like silence in the face of slander and untruths.  It looks like loving enough to step aside, laying down even my right to my own rights for another’s best interest.  It looks like seeing beauty and hope found in humble places where others see nothing.

In love, some rise above by bending to lift others up. Art is a way of seeing.  Life is a canvas colored one moment, one bold choice at a time. The hardest won choices in the unseen places can be the most beautiful.

I recently launched a new lifestyle blog called Essential Living where I’ll be writing more about new healthy choices {and recipes!} I’m starting to make and my journey to find out what being healthy actually looks like.  No worries,  you will still find me here and I’ll let you know when there are things happening over there that I think might be a blessing.

I’m so grateful for your beautiful hearts and all your love and prayers.  Thank you for fighting for me.  Here’s to all the adventures that lie ahead. For all of us.  Happy Thanksgiving!