When Love Speaks Your Name

awesomesky-2The sky was on fire last night.  And all His promises with it.

So much on my heart friends.  So very much.

I don’t know what you do on Black Friday, but I tend to hide.  Crutches and crazed shopping mobs really do not mix well.  I’d rather buy less and have a nicer experience than to fight the crowds for an extra 15%.  I think we might be the only nation on earth that has a weekend dedicated to consumerism at its finest.  {Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday}

Mom and I decided to brave some crowds yesterday to check out a favorite event, Christmas in the South. Think of hundreds of artisans and creatives sharing their creations all packed into one huge exhibit hall. While I did do a little Christmas shopping, I did a whole lot more marveling, encouraging and meeting incredible creative entrepreneurs.

One shop was extra busy because they had some incredibly cool products that naturally purify the air.  I didn’t want to budge the air quality was so lovely.  And neither did a few hundred other people it seemed.  {Another post coming on that soon…}

Getting one of the owners attention was a bit of a challenge given the rush.  But he had on a name badge.  So I simply smiled and said his name. “Hi John {not his real name}.  I know you are busy but when you have a moment.”

Immediately I had his attention and soon after he had my purchasing power.  On the way out to the car which was parked more than a football field away, we got a chance to chat.  It was a beautiful thing to hear his heart.  And I was SO grateful for his kindness of carrying that which I could not.

Along the way he said something I hope I never forget.  “There was just something about the way you said my name that caught my attention.

I totally get that.  There is just something the way Jesus says my name too.  When Love speaks your name, all other names fall away.

In the bustle of the season, I want to remember to do more than simply be a little extra kinder or say Merry Christmas.  I want to remember to call the ones I meet by name in a way that calls out the heart of whom they are created to become and invites them to come to know the Love for Whom they are created.

How is God’s Love naming and renaming us this season of coming and coming again?