The Best Gift of All


I wanted cards.  Simple, pretty, well-written, fun, uplifting Christmas cards.  Stopping into the local chain christian bookstore reminded me why I don’t stop there more than once or twice a year. Cheesy consumerism + religion = me almost breaking out in an allergic reaction.

I grabbed hold of my internal flight response and dutifully looked through the card section I came for.  I found one box and ducked out as quickly as possible.  Plastic faith dressed up to look hip and trendy.  It is still a glossy foreign landscape that leaves me SO grateful for

It all got me thinking.  The world doesn’t need plastic Jesus or hip-trendy Jesus.  They need Him raw and real and true, minus the santa hat.  And I with them. I am so grateful for ALL the ways He comes to the least and the lost and even the lost pieces of my own heart.  Taken to designing some of my own cards this year… hiding away from hype to create love gifts back to Him.

Oh the difference a year can make.  Standing for 7×7 restoration in every area.  Not just for myself but for all I love.  In the meanwhile I am working on some commissions for clients and so excited to have some coaching clients as well.  It is an honor to love and serve the precious ones God allows my path to cross with.

Here is to the best year yet. 2014 is going to be epic!  And you dearly loved readers and friends, you are some of the best gifts of all.  Thank you!