Why I Barely Blogged Last Year and Why I’m Back

newyrbucket-2There are some seasons of life you just cannot live out publicly.  There are some stories you cannot share at all.  But the fruit of a life laid down and lived in love even when it costs everything, will be plainly seen in the end.  I really didn’t know that almost the entirety of 2013 was going to be a blogging hiatus for me.

I didn’t plan it.  I really tried to write.  But the grace wasn’t there and neither were the ideas.  And the steeper the transitional slope became, the less I had words at all.  Some seasons must be walked through in secret, in private but when they give way to what lies beyond them, they become a rich treasure field for lessons learned and inspiration found.

Back in the West, it is so easy to be trapped to living a virtual life, posting things we would never share over coffee.  I mean do you really need to know how many times I brushed my teeth yesterday?  I am going to venture out there and say you don’t.

Facebook and social networks can lend the impression of almost a psuedo-celebrity status defined by “friends” and likes and follows.  But real friends are the ones who stick by you through seasons of shifting sands and love you just because, well they do.  You know the ones you can call up in crisis and who call you up in their own.

I really didn’t like fading out of view online, but my year rather demanded it and would not take no for an answer.

I’ll be honest: My life feels far less interesting now that my days are filled with writing and living this side of the world.  So I don’t blame you at all if you move onto more exciting reads.  Many others have.  {Might I suggest a wonderful place to move on to would be my successor in South Sudan? She just got interviewd by FOX news and is bravely staying by the sides of those I love so much a world away.}

But if you’d like to stick around this is still the place I will be back writing almost daily in 2014 {woohoo!} about my lessons learned and adventures deeper into God’s heart.  Including missional living this side of the pond planting a new church and launching 2 businesses as well as travels, insight and life embracing what is still a journey along His unpaved road called grace.

I am so honored you are here. 2014 is filled with His promises.  Join me for an epic new year.  My love to all of you!