Naming the Dream

crdsRTC-1-2I barely recall what excited feels like.  It has been years since I have even touched the edges of that emotion.  And I’m not talking vague flutterings of I-might-be-able-to-get-to-almost-excited-mode over something.  I’m talking deep raw expectation of His something new growing large on the inside of you. Expectant. Holding on to His promises as in a battle stance, for all births are born into a war zone.  Holding on to His promise until it is delivered and looks back at you.

I am dream fulfilled in God’s heart.  YOU are a dream fulfilled in His heart.  It is not about how badly we have fallen, how much we have failed or how inadequate we feel.  He looks at you, at me and sees His dream looking back at Him.

The last 2 years of my life have been about surviving.  About not giving up, not acquiescing.  About holding on to integrity and the love that looked like choosing the best interest of those I love, even when it cost me everything.  But doesn’t real love always look like that?

It has been about getting through moments I didn’t know if I really wanted to fight at all.  But something in me still rose up and said if it is just to not give the enemy the satisfaction, I will hold on.  And be held onto by the One Who gave everything to hold onto me.

Yesterday had its own battles.  Sinus infection meets stomach bug and hijacks my day.  Almost.

My phone rang early with news I have been accepted into the Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership program at Regent University. My journey to PhD begins.

And to top it off, my new business cards came.

I opened them like a kid at Christmas.  There it was.  My dream, His dream for me, looking back at me.  And my heart leapt.  I am now officially excited.  Not just a little.  But heart-leaping-I-was-created-for-this excited.

It is amazing how naming the dream correctly unlocks it to begin to become true to its name.  Edge was an old paradigm.  It was who I was before, an echo instead of a forward-facing vision.

I am organic, creative, strategic and artistic.  RiverTree Creative captures thatIt calls it into being.  All names call forth the identity of the named.  They are the essence of the prophetic.

Rivers can pull you in, have the strength to move you, change you; to carry you on a journey.

I want my art, my words, all my endeavors to be like that.  Invitations to journey.  Not a flood that destroys, but a river that flows and carves its way through and around obstacles; a river that persists, stays the course, shapes landscapes and gives life wherever it goes. 

Trees with roots planted deep have the ability to transform atmospheres around them.  I want my life be that. I want my consulting, coaching, loving, equipping to nurture growing roots and unleash rivers in and through the leaders and organizations I serve.

The right grad school.  The right naming.  The right metaphors.  I am remembering more of His decade-old promises again.  I could not carry them 10-15 years ago.  But now is the time for this part of the journey.

Thank you Jesus I am free to embrace expectation again, extravagantly.

For that is the definition of hope.  Not faint-hearted well wishing.  But battle stance, extravagant expectation. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. {Heb. 11:1} The enemy never has to attack our faith if he can undermine our hope.  So that is the first thing he goes after.

Sweet friends, remember this.  Even if you are struggling to hold on to hope, to see beyond where you now are. You are God’s dream. When you feel too small and flawed to think of dreaming yourself, let Jesus dream His dream through you.  And that will change everything.

You are so very loved.